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Wedding chairs FIORINI

FIORINI wedding chairs are one of the most popular models chosen during the organization of wedding receptions and banquets. Its classic form, style referring to the boho trend, allows you to create a unique atmosphere during many events. Thanks to the use of polypropylene resistant to external factors, FIORINI wedding chairs are perfect for events organized both indoors and outdoors. Available in three universal colors, such as white, gray and brown, which allows you to match them to almost any interior.

FIORINI wedding chairs are not only a unique look. They are also very practical, which is extremely important in venues that organize weddings and banquets. Due to the low weight, which is only 4.6 kg, they are handy and significantly reduce the time needed to prepare the event. The form of the chair has been completely cast, which excludes the use of bolts - this has a significant impact on the stability of the chair and its durability, which amounts to 120 kg. The possibility of stacking will save the space necessary for storage.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

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