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Phone: +44 203 808 11 29

E-mail: office@mextra.co.uk

+48 733 443 123



In the interest of the safety of our customers the Seller issues a guarantee to the Buyer for the sold goods in the amount of one, two three, four or ten years, depending on the type of goods bought by the Customer from the Seller.

The guarantee is binding on the territory of the Republic of Poland as well as on the territory of European Union from the date the goods were released to the Buyer.

General terms of purchase and guarantee of MEXTRA GROUP regarding guarantee shall not be applied for goods, for which the guarantee is issued by the producer. In such case the terms of guarantee are specified by the guarantee card "certificate" enclosed to sold goods.
The length of guarantee period for the individual goods of the Seller is available on request in our Sales Team.

Additionally, our products has been tested in terms of hardness/strength & load resistance. Confirmation of these tests are two independent certificates:


Endurance Certificate REMODEX BBiC Certificate


Our products meet the standards:


PN-EN 15373:2010 – Strength, durability and safety

PN-EN 1022:2007 – Seating furniture – Stability marking

PN-EN 16139:2013 - Strength, durability and safety – requirements for seating

PN-EN 1730:2002 – Tables – tests for strength, durability and stability

PN-EN 15372:2016 – Furniture - Strength, durability and safety – requirements for tables

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