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Standard Line

Standard Line folding tables

Banquet tables with solid construction, stackable and foldable. Tabletop made from laminated board with thickness 18 / 25 mm available in over 120 colors on request. Tabletops are processed with the use of modern, computer-controlled machines, ensuring the machining accuracy and the final aesthetics of high quality with additional elegant finishing with resistant to mechanical damages 2 mm thick PVC border.


In tables H-500, T-300, HK-800, L-100, HS-600 an K-200 we used our patented Click-Clack folding system wchich prevents the table from the self-unfolding. In the production process we didn’t use any springs or plastic elements which could easily brake or get used.


Our Standard Line tables are:

  • Foldable, stackable strong and safe
  • High quality
  • Tabletops made from laminated board processed with the use of modern, compter-controlled machines
  • Quick and easy in transport
  • 3 years warranty
  • Endurance Certificate REMODEX
  • Tabletop with a Hygene Certificate
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Showing 1 - 9 of 10 items

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